We are delighted that our patients are proud to show off their perfect smile.


Márk is a true perfectionist with a super sense of humour. He came to our Studio because of upper arch congestion and wanted a beautiful Hollywood smile. During the treatment we corrected the open bite, the congestion, adjusted the lateral teeth. The final result was boosted with laser teeth whitening. With us, in every orthodontic treatment, aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. We look forward to our six-monthly check-ups, it has been a pleasure to have this treatment.


Ildi is one of our most extravagant patients. Her case is a very good example of persistent and coordinated work. Much of the treatment was aesthetic, but the cross contact between the teeth (in Ildi's case, the upper canine) can cause serious functional problems. It was a pleasure to work together.


Petra came to us on the recommendation of a dentist colleague (Dr. Detre Kovács). We met a real superwoman in her person. She was mainly bothered by the congestion of the upper arch. In addition to the aesthetic adjustment, we also straightened the contact of the lateral teeth. This is very important for long-term retention. Look how beautiful it is. 🙂


Márió's case is a perfect example of how orthodontic treatment can improve the periodontium (the supporting structure of the teeth) and the gums. When teeth are not in the right position they become overloaded. This can result in severe gum recession. Preventing and stabilising these processes is essential for the long-term preservation of our teeth. This is where orthodontic treatment can help!


Mia was referred to the Studio by a dentist colleague. The original position of the front teeth did not allow for cosmetic dentistry. We were on the same page at the first consultation, and it was easy for her to understand the treatment goals. In her case, the perfect result was already digitally planned. 3D smile design allows for the most precise adjustments and the most effective solutions. I love to work with such demanding and cool patients like her. Look at the smallest details in the pictures! 🙂


Flóra came to us with a need for aesthetic orthodontics. So in her case, too, the primary treatment goal was to create the perfect smile aesthetic. In addition, we stabilized the bite and straightened the midline. We can focus on the alignment of the teeth as the shape and size of the teeth do not require any correction. Every appointment was a pleasure for me. Look at the final result. 🙂
láthatatlan fogszabályozás- fogszabályozó stúdió


Rita is one of our patients who has had braces before, but the results were not permanent. In her case, the main aim of the treatment was not aesthetic correction, but rather to adjust the bite. I really enjoyed working with her, it was easy to work with a goal-oriented and smart woman.


For teenage treatments, I am most looking forward to the finishing photos. We are witnessing some very spectacular transformations. Our main treatment goal was to correct the opening bite caused by the swallowing disorder of the tongue. Because I work in a highly functional approach, I often supplement orthodontic treatment with functional speech therapy.


Gabi was bothered by her upper front teeth, so she decided to have orthodontic treatment. Nowadays, treatments combined with tooth extraction have become "demonised". However, there are cases where facial aesthetics and facial muscle function are very positively affected by this treatment approach. Look at the amazing results.


I met Hédi as a teenager who hardly dared to smile at the beginning of treatment. We used a fixed braces to solve the deep bite and help the lower jaw into the right position. A beautiful, confident young woman left the Studio at the end of the treatment. The transformation was amazing.


Peter came to our Studio because of his open bite. We combined fixed appliance treatment with functional speech therapy. In the treatment of open bites, the close cooperation of the patient is essential, which Peter did very well. It was great working together.


Dóri is one of my patients who has had a real complete physical and mental transformation at the same time as her orthodontic treatment. She wanted a beautiful aesthetic smile and healthy teeth. In her case too, the challenge was to solve the most common bite problem in the European population - the deep bite.


Ágnes was not completely satisfied with her smile, so she visited the Studio. Her main concern was the crowding of her front teeth, but after the first consultation she saw the benefits of orthodontic treatment beyond aesthetics.


Adri came to our Studio on the recommendation of a dentist colleague. We started the treatment by resolving the narrowing of the upper dental arch due to the dysfunction of the tongue. We achieved a beautiful, stable result.


Fruzsi came to our Studio because the results of her previous orthodontic treatment were not stable. Her teeth were clenched again and were leaning outwards. There are several causes of tooth crowding, including neglect and inadequate planning of the retention phase. The primary focus of the new treatment was to achieve a stable bite and a beautiful smile. I think I succeeded. 🙂


We knew Zsófi as the cutest little girl, and during the treatment series she became a beautiful teenager. We started correcting the bite discrepancy at a young age, helping and guiding her through the whole process. Finally, we used a fixed appliance to stabilize and improve the results achieved so far. The change is huge.


Luca came to our studio because she wanted the perfect smile. All she needed was a quick 11-month orthodontic treatment and a little cosmetic makeover. The result was beautiful.


We met Lilla as a beautiful girl who never dared to smile. We achieved the result shown in the picture with fixed braces without tooth extraction. See where we started from.


Orsi became one of our favourites from the first time we met her. Super smiling, kind, beautiful girl. She was bothered by the irregularity of her teeth. Her personality really blossomed during the treatment, and we were looking forward to the next session in the same way. We are very proud of her endurance and her enthusiasm.

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