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The place where confident, beautiful smiles are born!

Always the first one

In today's fast-paced, mass-produced world, we dreamed of establishing a Studio where the patient does not feel like just one of many others, but the first one!

Our Studio is also a place where, in addition to the premium orthodontic service we also encourage and help our patients to adopt environmentally conscious oral care and life. With various programs and campaigns we try to extend this approach beyond the treatment chair.

This is one of the reasons why we decided to move towards fully digital operation to reduce our environmental impact. In addition, we got us into the topic of sustainable oral care. Protecting our environment was a primary consideration when choosing the additional dental care products we give and offer you.

We believe that a beautiful smile and good dental health can be achieved and preserved in a sustainable way.

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Dr. Sarolta Kovács Orthodontist specialist

"Because laughter belongs to every human face!"

I have experienced that a beautiful smile has a huge impact on our quality of life.

Today, orthodontics goes beyond the simple arrangement of teeth, we design smiles taking into account individual facial aesthetic requirements.

Thanks to digital smile design, I can create the most beautiful smiles in the shortest possible time.

The part of orthodontics that I represent is an extremely dynamically developing area of ​​medicine. I regularly participate in domestic and foreign professional trainings in order to learn these innovative techniques.

I believe in timeless quality and uniqueness.

I live and work in an environmentally conscious way, which means that during my work I not only protect the teeth, but also the Earth's natural treasures.

100% return on investment

Orthodontics is a long-term investment.
A perfect smile boost your confidence and makes you look years younger, but it also plays a significant role beyond its aesthetic benefits.

Orthodontics serves to preserve the health of the teeth and of our general health. Regardless of which stage of life the treatment takes place or what problem we solve, the primary goal is always to improve your quality of life.

We do everything we can to make sure you don't have to fear the dentist or smile anymore.

The treatment turn into experience

Forget all your previous bad memories and fears about traditional dentistry. An exclusive environment awaits you in our downtown Studio.

In our Studio, we do everything to achieve the most effective change with our premium orthodontic services in the shortest possible time and with the least possible intervention.

What happens in our office is not just the alignment of the teeth, but digital smile design that takes maximum account of individual facial aesthetics and the functional unity of the masticatory organ.

We use innovative technologiesí and work with modern materials and devices. The nice, helpful and always smiling colleagues are just an addition to all of this. From treatment to treatment, your smile will become more and more beautiful, so you cannot wait for the next opportunity to visit us again!

An investment for lifetime

Your smile is one of the first physical features others see. A beautiful smile tells the outside world that you take good care of yourself.

How was your time together?


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Your specialist:

Dr. Sarolta Kovács orthodontist

The trusting relationship between the doctor and the patient is
the secret ingredient of a successful treatment.
With precise digital planning
we do our best to be the most effective
with a short treatment time
we achieve change.
You cannot wait for treatment appointments to make your smile
even more beautiful.

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