General Terms and Conditions

1. Service Provider's Information

Name: Kovács Sarolta E.V.
Registered Office: 1063 Budapest, Szondi Street 72/13
Tax Identification Number: 67948334-1-41
Phone: +36 30 1678644

The purpose of the General Terms and Conditions is to establish a unified system of conditions for the services provided by the service provider and their utilization, as well as to regulate the legal relationship between the service provider and the client (the patient receiving the service). It specifies the conditions for settlement, payment, and other general contractual terms.
The chosen dental outpatient care service by the client, its detailed content in this General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "contract"), and the inseparable attachments forming the Consent Statements, Anamnesis Form, and Treatment Form determine the contractual terms.
The client's – deviating from the contract – other instructions are binding on the service provider only if confirmed in writing.

2. Object of the Contract
The client, under the conditions specified in these General Terms and Conditions, receives non-obligatory (paid) dental care from the service provider.

3. Duration of the Contract
The contract is concluded on the day when the client – before the first consultation and the preparation of the treatment plan – signs the Anamnesis Form or starts the treatment with the conditions specified in the individual quotation. The signing of the Anamnesis Form also implies acceptance of the fees listed in the public price list.
Unless the contract specifies otherwise, the parties enter into an indefinite agreement, during which individual treatments, materials, and mediated services are ordered and fulfilled according to the contract's terms.

4. Service Fee
The service provider informs the client about the fees and material costs of the services by displaying a price list in the office.
During the first consultation, the condition of the teeth and mouth may require X-ray imaging. If the client has an X-ray not older than 60 days, they can request to use the provided image if its quality is sufficient.
The specific fees for treatments performed under the contract, the costs of materials used in treatments, and the fees for mediated services are recorded and invoiced at the completion of the treatments.
If the service does not involve dental materials, the fee for each treatment performed is payable at the time of treatment.
In the case of providing dental materials, 50% of their costs are payable in advance, and the remaining portion is payable upon incorporation.
The prices specified in the quotation based on the contract are valid for 30 days; after this period, the service provider has the right to change fees and material costs. Nevertheless, the fees specified in the contract may be modified during the treatment due to professional reasons arising during the treatment.
At the completion of each treatment, the client reviews the service provider's performance on the Treatment Form, and based on this, the service provider issues an invoice for services, material costs, and the fee for mediated services related to the performance. By signing the invoice, the client confirms the service provider's performance and receipt of the invoice.
During treatments, the client – at their own risk – can request the interruption or termination of the treatment at any time. In this case, the client is obligated to pay only for the treatment and dental work used up to the notice of termination.
The service provider reserves the right to interrupt treatment at any time without liability for damages if the client's health or mental condition impedes the treatment or if the client has outstanding debts to the service provider.
The customer can cancel the treatment no later than 1 working day before the day of the treatment, free of charge, in writing (by sending an e-mail) or verbally (by phone). If the Customer fails to fulfill his cancellation obligation late or does not fulfill it, he is obliged to pay a cancellation fee to the service provider:

  • The Client cannot cancel or change the booked appointment within 1 working day before the treatment.
  • In the event that the Client wishes to cancel, change or not show up for any reason (not including certified illness or other illness/indications certified by a medical certificate) within 24 hours prior to the booked appointment, the Client will be charged 20.000 HUF for each hour started the next time.
  • The cancellation/amendment amount is therefore payable by the Customer at the next appointment, otherwise we will not be able to reschedule.

5. Payment Terms
The invoices issued by the service provider specify the deadline for payment and its method. In case of late payment, the default interest rate is twice the central bank base rate.
If the client intends to use insurance or health fund financing for the treatment, they must notify this at the reception before the treatments. The service provider only accepts payment from the insurers or health funds with which it has a contract.

6. Warranty
The conditions for claiming the warranty include proper oral hygiene and regular check-up examinations conducted annually, documented by the service provider.
To enforce the warranty, the client, after the completion of the treatment, must
– undergo at least one follow-up dental hygiene treatment annually
– attend the prescribed check-up examinations
– follow the recommended care program and oral hygiene instructions
– have good oral hygiene and maintain devices properly cleaned
– use dental prosthetics for their intended purpose, exposing them only to physiological chewing forces that do not lead to overload.
– avoid exposing removable devices to external physical impact
– settle all invoices issued by the service provider.

The warranty (guarantee) does not cover temporary solutions, later root canal treatments of teeth with crowns/bridges, natural reactions of the client's body, improper use, insufficient oral hygiene, and unforeseen consequences caused by smoking.
The warranty becomes void in the following cases:
– The client does not participate in annual control examinations, does not follow the prescribed oral hygiene care program.
– The dental prosthesis is not kept clean, and oral hygiene is neglected.
– Improper use of the dental prosthesis, extreme forces exceeding physiological chewing force, leading to increased stress on the dental prosthesis.
– Problems arising from improper nutrition and other health-damaging habits.
– Mechanical damage to removable devices, fractures (e.g., due to martial arts), chemical damage caused by concentrated alcohol or chemicals.
– Diseases of the chewing apparatus due to systemic-infectious and neoplastic diseases, or their treatment.
– Consequences of accidents and emergency interventions during them.
– Problems due to psychological and other mental illnesses.
Additional special cases where the warranty becomes void:
– The client's rapid and significant weight loss.
– Reporting damage or defects of dental prostheses beyond the warranty period due to their regular, everyday use.
– Reporting damage or defects of dental prostheses beyond the warranty period due to their regular, everyday use.
– Treatment of root canal-treated teeth.
– Interventions performed in other dental practices.

7. Service Provider's Liability
For the performance of ordered services – especially for dental care, dental technical activities, other special medical interventions, medical treatments, or other services requested by the client – the service provider may use subcontractors, whose activities are the responsibility of the service provider as if the service provider had performed the activities entrusted to subcontractors himself.
The service provider is obliged to compensate the damage caused to the client according to the Civil Code.

8. Complaints
The client must immediately and in writing communicate any quality objections within the warranty period to the service provider at the following address: 1052 Budapest, Váci Street 9. Please inform your treating dentist or the clinic at +3630 1678644 directly.
To investigate the objection, the client must appear for a control examination, provide the disputed dental work to the service provider, and provide all information and data related to the complaint. The service provider creates a protocol of the examination. If the client's quality objection is justified, the service provider must declare within 3 working days from the examination whether he can meet the client's legally justified correction or replacement request or whether he intends to reject it. The service provider must substantiate the rejection.
In case of disagreement with the service provider's opinion, the client may initiate a procedure at the competent consumer protection authority or may assert his claim before the court in a civil procedure.

9. Data Provision, Information, Data Protection
The service provider treats the data obtained confidentially, using them exclusively for the provision of dental care, and does not disclose them to any third party under any circumstances. General data protection rules apply to all personal data.
The client acknowledges that the service provider, in accordance with relevant regulations, treats the health data and identification data provided by the client, as well as other data recorded during the provision of care, as business secrets, and maintains records accordingly. The client also consents to the service provider using exclusively the medical data and experiences related to their medical treatment for scientific and research purposes.
In case of incomplete or delayed data provision by the client, the service provider, at its discretion, becomes entitled to withdraw from the contract or modify the Treatment Plan.

10. Publicity
The service provider displays the current General Terms and Conditions and the Patient Information in the clinic, making them accessible and available upon request.

11. Amendment
The parties may deviate from the provisions of individual contracts by mutual agreement and unanimous declaration within the framework of the law.
The service provider is entitled to unilaterally modify the General Terms and Conditions at any time. The service provider will notify the clients of the amendment and its effective date by posting it in the clinic and publishing it on the website. If clients do not wish to maintain the contractual relationship under the changed General Terms and Conditions, they may exercise their right to terminate. In this case, the previous General Terms and Conditions apply to already accepted but unfulfilled orders.

12. Scope of General Terms and Conditions
Temporal scope: The General Terms and Conditions come into effect after signing and, otherwise, after being displayed and published on the website, lasting indefinitely.
Subject scope: It applies to the operational area specified in the service provider's permits, as well as to contracts concluded between the service provider and clients, and the orders given by clients based on those contracts.
Personal scope: It applies to clients who are in a contractual relationship with the service provider.

13. Settlement of Disputes
In matters not regulated by the General Terms and Conditions, Hungarian law, especially the Civil Code and other regulations concerning healthcare and healthcare services, shall apply. The parties shall attempt to resolve any disputes amicably.
The client can communicate any complaints or objections related to the care or services provided by the service provider in writing within 15 days. The service provider investigates the matter and provides a written response with justification within 15 days of receiving the complaint.
If this procedure does not lead to a resolution, the dispute shall be settled by the Central District Court of Pest or, if lacking jurisdiction, the Metropolitan Court has exclusive competence.

14. Statements
The service provider declares that it possesses the necessary professional, regulatory, and operational permits and has medical liability insurance covering those acting on its behalf.
The service provider declares that, in compliance with legal and professional regulations, it fulfills the contracted services using qualified dentists, assistants, and subcontractors. It ensures the necessary dental technical materials and other resources at agreed-upon times.
The client acknowledges that the health information provided in the Anamnesis Form, signed by them and attached to the contract, is necessary for selecting the content of dental care and treatments.
The client declares that the provided data are complete and undertakes to inform the service provider of any changes that occur during the course of treatment.
The client acknowledges and does not object to the service provider making audio and video recordings for security reasons in its clinics. The service provider declares that, as a domestically registered legal entity, the authorized person acting on its behalf is entitled to independent signature authority.
The person requesting the service contract acknowledges that if the patient is incapacitated or has limited legal capacity, the contract provisions apply to their legal representative, who acts according to the provisions of the contract.

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