A beautiful smile for the long term - All you need to know about retention!

A beautiful smile for the long term - All you need to know about retention!

It is important to know that there are two important stages in orthodontic treatment. The active stage is when the braces you wear move the teeth into the correct position. The retention period, when the result is fixed with retainers until the tissues are fully accustomed to the new alignment.

What is retention and what is its role in orthodontics?

The meaning of the word retention retention, retention. After the active period of orthodontic treatment, removable and/or fixed retention appliances are needed to prevent teeth from moving out of their set positions.

Why is it important?

Removing the breckets is far from the end of orthodontic treatment. After the appliance is removed, the teeth do not stay in place, as the tissues listen to their memory and start to reorganise when the fixed support is removed. In order to guarantee the long-term results achieved with braces, it is necessary to use retention appliances.

When does the retention period start?

Once we have reached the braces with the desired resultt, we remove the bonded elements from the teeth. Impressions are taken, which can be used to make retention appliances in the dental laboratory.

What types of retention devices are there?

  • Hawley retention device

  • Translucent plastic rail

  • Glued retention sheet

How long should I wear it?

According to the literature, at least be worn for twice as long as the fixed deviceto prevent the teeth from decaying. Initially, it should be worn almost continuously, with the majority of the time taken out during meals, and then slowly and gradually reduced. 

Regular consultations with a specialist remain important during this period, although these will gradually become less frequent. It is very important that you do not neglect to wear your device.

For both fixed and removable retention appliances, regular check-ups and bi-annual dental hygiene check-ups are essential.

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