What other professionals may be involved in orthodontic treatment?

What other professionals may be involved in orthodontic treatment?

It is always an exciting challenge and teamwork when experts from other fields are involved in an orthodontic treatment.

They are among the professionals most often entrusted with such complex orthodontic treatment:

the aesthetic dentist

In most cases, teeth are aligned without removing the tooth material. However, there are lesions that have been acquired over a longer period of time, which can still minor, planned correctionare in need of.

This may include a discoloured long-rooted tooth or fragmented incisors.
See also Luca and Attila evening.

the oral surgeon

Unfortunately, a significant proportion of adult people have some form of tooth loss, mainly large molars extracted and not replaced during childhood.
Preparation for tooth replacements, implants requires tooth set-up, gap opening, gap closing. Which can be solved with orthodontic treatment.

And after successful orthodontic treatment, the gap can be filled more easily, the implants can be placed in an ideal position and the life of the prosthesis is also extended.
And impressive gap-filling with existing teeth here you can read. 

the periodontist

Periodontal therapy is linked to orthodontic treatment in several ways.

On the one hand, by adjusting the bite, we ensure proper chewing and prevent lesions caused by damaging forces on the tooth bed.

On the other hand periodontal treatment is also a useful tool in the treatment of established periodontal processes. A well-planned and executed dental movement helps the regeneration of the periodontal tissues (gums, bone).

the speech therapist

There are huge forces and counter-forces at work in our mouths. If we take care to balance these forces harmoniously, (our tongue on the inside puts the right load on our teeth and our facial muscles on the outside provide support), it becomes easier to speak clearly and articulately and to
the beautiful smile is formed.

A tongue thrust swallowing therapy can only be effective if they work together, with the dentist and speech and language therapist working closely together. By working together, we can produce lasting results to the delight of our patients.

In today's modern view, orthodontic treatment is in many cases an essential step in a complex treatment sequence.

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