What causes tooth decay in adulthood?

What causes tooth decay in adulthood?

Why do our teeth get crowded? What causes crowding?


Causes of crowding of teeth in adulthood

It is a common phenomenon that the wisdom teeth roughly coincides with the time when congestion worsens in adulthood. However, scientific research has shown that tooth does not have sufficient forward force to cause congestion in the anterior teeth.

The current view is that adult malocclusion is always caused by several factors, and that these factors combine to cause the problem.

We also need to know that the position of the teeth in adulthood - regardless of the wisdom tooth - is not constant: just as the muscles of the face do not work in the same way, so the the position of the teeth is is constantly changingTeeth are constantly subject to forces: chewing forces, the forces of our facial muscles and forces transmitted by the tongue.

Added to this is the structure of the skeleton and the presence of any bad habits: mouth breathing, tongue thrust swallowing, lip-smacking swallowing etc...

This shows how the development of dental crowding depends on many factors. Therefore, it is very important to take all these factors into account during orthodontic treatment.

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