Palate expander - TOP 5 things to know about Hyrax!

Palate expander - TOP 5 things to know about Hyrax!

What is this strange device?

The hyrax device is a palate expander, as the name implies, a device for expanding the palate.

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When is a palatal dilator needed?

A palatal expander is needed when the upper dental arch is too narrow to allow the teeth to line up properly and form a proper bite.
It can also be called a pre-treatment during orthodontic treatment.

But how does it work?

To dilate the maxilla, the appliance is anchored on the front small and large molars. When the appliance is rolled (activated), force is gained, which causes the fibres to expand, widening the upper dental arch and widening the palate.

What is Hybrid Hyrax?

3D printed template

Hybris hyrax is a more complex, more specialised palatal expander.

As an alternative to surgery, a partially anchored dilator has been considered, which is attached to the labia majora by rings and mini-screws in the palate.
The role of the mini-screws is to achieve a greater effect and the promise of a lower risk of tilting teeth. In addition, the fact that a large palate cleft can be solved with a procedure that can be done in the orthodontic studio.
An added advantage is that we can also treat patients who have problems with anchoring, such as when there is a tooth deficiency or weakened dentition due to periodontal disease.

At-home advice for the palatal expander

We would like to share some information about the palatal expander:

      • After each activation, you will probably feel tension in your cheekbones, and maybe also in your nostrils. However, this will go away in 10 to 15 minutes.

      • The device will make it difficult to speak at first. This can be helped by practising speaking aloud, perhaps by reading aloud.

      • As the jaw changes, the closing of the jaws becomes an unusual, strange sensation.

      • A gap appears between the first teeth in a week or two - this shows that the appliance
        as intended, "enlarges" the upper jawbone.

      • If the activation of the screw causes more pain when you turn it, turn the screw back and make an appointment at the surgery.

      • Certain foods should be avoided while wearing the device: sticky (e.g: caramel, gum etc.)

      • hard (e.g.: peanuts, carrots, candy, ice cubes, etc.)

      • Brushing your teeth morning and evening is essential! Pay particular attention to cleaning the screw of the appliance.

    • If the key does not go into the screw, there is probably some food left in it. This can be done with a
      you can pick it out with a toothpick.

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